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Turning services

Part of our offer are turning services. Our employees have specialist knowledge and have an extensive machine park at their disposal, thanks to which we can perform top quality turning services. We carry out small orders and serial orders. We specialize in turning works such as turning shafts, rods, tubes, bushings and other elements.

What are turning services?

Turning involves machining given material in the form of a rotating body (rollers, cones, spheres, internal and external threads) until the form specified in the project is obtained. This applies to shape, structure and dimensions. Turning work involves setting the workpiece in rotation, which is fixed in a lathe holder and then subjected to cutting with special turning knives. Excess machined material creates waste in the form of chips, which is characteristic of this process, and thanks to the use of machines in CNC machining waste generation is reduced to a minimum and allows us to eliminate excess material losses.

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