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Our services

We deal with broadly understood CNC machining of metals and plastics.

We can easily handle hard metals, different tolerances as well as difficult geometric shapes. CNC machining is executed on the basis of provided samples, detailed drawings or accurate models.

CNC machining allows us to program the machine in such a way that it will take into account the design, the type of material and even surface roughness. The software used in CNC machines is a sequence of blocks of software-technical, geometric and technological information used by the CNC control system at each stage of machining. Thanks to CNC machines, we achieve greater work efficiency through higher machining speed as well as shorter main, supplementary, preparatory and completion times.

The most popular CNC machining methods that we use on daily basis include, among others, the following


Milling is designed for the treatment of flat and shaped surfaces. It is a basic and extremely versatile form of metalworking, which involves cutting their surface by rotating the machining tool. Tool blades make movements one after the other without working at the same time. The wide possibilities of milling on a multi-axis CNC machine make it a competitive alternative to traditional methods of boring holes, depressions, surface turning or threading. The base of our CNC milling machines, by operating in a minimum of three axes, allows us to increase efficiency. Thanks to this, we can head towards mass processing, which is also much more precise.


The opposite process to milling is turning. It means that the processed material performs a rotational movement, and the turning tool moves linearly. This form of machining allows you to shape the surfaces of rotating solids, such as shafts, cones, balls, internal and external threads. The feed of the tool takes place along the axis of the object. This means that the diameter of the workpiece will be reduced as a result of turning. The tool can also process the very end of an object by moving in the direction of the axis of the object. The feed is often the resultant of the directions of both movements, which makes it possible to obtain conical or curved surfaces. In CNC turning, we are able to precisely reproduce the shape of the turned object.

Full range of works:

materials we work on:

  • carbon steel
  • stainless steel
  • aluminium (except welding)
  • bronze
  • brass
  • plastics
  • machining of castings

Services in cooperation:

  • nitriding
  • hardening
  • galvanization,
  • nickel plating
  • chrome plating
  • anodizing
  • carburizing
  • cutting, bending, sheet metal stamping
  • water, laser, plasma cutting

We guarantee

individual and flexible approach to customer inquiries

preparation of the standard sample on the basis of detailed guidelines

materials from reliable suppliers

production on high-class machines, which ensure precise measurements of details

shipment of the order as agreed

support at every stage of cooperation

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